English church, Taipei


The façade of Grace Baptist Church was designed with the concept of ancient Chinese architecture. The pleasant church lies in its significance and symbolic meaning. The greatest achievement above all is to “Honor God”. The longer vertical façade cross represents an expectation of deeply rooted in the country of Taiwan.

Yellow Roof

Feature of a scholar’s hat back to Ming Dynasty. GBC was founded with student ministry. Though many members has completed their education long before, they’re always “students” at GBC. Also, yellow is a color for Chinese Empire, a symbol of nobility. Jesus is our King. The yellow roof indicated the exaltation of our King, Jesus Christ.

Two green Ruyis

Two green Ruyis appeared on each side of the yellow roof as a symbol of goodness and auspiciousness. May the church do everything “According to His will” (“Ru” in Chinese as “according to”; “Yi” as “will”) and each of the members would fulfill the will of God.

Red Brick

The entire church’s façade is filled with red bricks. This is the color of ancient Taiwanese architecture, which emphasized the local theology after the reconstruction.

Circular Fan Entrance

The circular fan is a symbol of peace and tender. This entrance and the roof coupled hardness with softness.

Chinese Redwood Table

A Chinese Redwood Table welcomes you at the entrance. The grape design of the table is a figurative sculpture indicated that we’re the branches and the Lord is the vine. We abide in Him. There are also two sculptures of rooster indicated that Peter denies Christ three times before the rooster crows. The sculpture reminds the Christians to admit that Jesus Christ is our Savior.

The Rock of Firmness

The rock on the Chinese redwood table is a symbol of firmness in our belief.

The Chair of Prudence

Chairs in the sanctuary are with heavy color and weight. People can feel the sense of secure while sitting on it.


The canon of the sanctuary hides the indistinct cross. Though it seems absent, the cross is always there. Its presence is glittery and splendorous.

A Thread of Sky

The baptism pool in the center is decorated blue that indicated the sky. We can lift up our soul to God through the thread of sky.

Bread and Fish

Five loaves and two fishes on the platform. Pray that all the sermon we preach may as sufficient as the five loaves and two fishes, that we can feed the multitude and even collect the left over.

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