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Evergreen Fellowship

Ministry Leader: Winnie Liang
Email: wistlesliang@hotmail.com

Evergreen Fellowship

Evergreen is an international bi-lingual Christian fellowship of Grace Baptist Church. We meet every Saturday night, 6:00 to 8:00 PM. in Room 401.  The history of Evergreen dates back to the 1930’s when Inabelle Coleman started Evergreen fellowship at the University of Shanghai. In 1945, when, at the closure of World War II, the Communists forced Miss Coleman to leave the mainland, she brought Evergreen to Taiwan.

Grace Baptist church started out with around 50 members in the English section, and between 10 and 20 in the Chinese section. As the Chinese portion outgrew the English-speaker part, Evergreen became an English-speaking fellowship of Grace Baptist Church, with helping Christians live out God’s Truth in practical.

As the members have changed throughout the past years, the target people of who we serve may have some change, but the vision of Evergreen is keep following the Gospel Matthew 28:19 to 20 which is “To Win, To Equip, To Send” . Today, Evergreen is a bi-lingual fellowship and has a regular attendance of around 35. The leadership is made up of Christians from various parts of the world to Grace Baptist Church, reflects the diversity in Evergreen.

We hope you’ll get involved in deep relationships here and join our family. We encourage you to invite your believing and non-believing friends.



常綠團契是一個國際性的雙語基督徒團契. 聚會時間和地點是每週六晚上六點到八點在懷恩堂的401教室。常綠團契是1930年代考門夫人在上海大學創立的。1945年,正值二次大戰結束,共產黨迫使考門夫人離開大陸,於是考門夫人將常綠團契遷移到台灣。







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