English church, Taipei


A visitor from Africa arrived in Taipei one Saturday and worshiped in Grace Baptist Church the next day. When asked how she found this church so quickly, she replied that Grace Baptist Church is famous in her country. Before she even stepped off the plane, she knew that she would be welcome here.

We hope you have the same experience – of knowing that you are welcome. With people coming from every continent in the world, except Antarctica (we have never had a penguin here), the English congregation of Grace Baptist Church is multicultural, multiethnic and multigenerational. Although we have different backgrounds, different cultures, and different mother languages, we meet together here as one family under God.

We welcome expatriates as well as members of the Taiwanese/Chinese communities; families as well as singles; young as well as old; mature Christians as well as not-yet Christians. We have two worship times each Sunday. Our morning worship (10:00 a.m.) is more traditional while our evening worship (5:30 p.m.) is more relaxed and casual. Although our worship services are large, we offer numerous opportunities to get to know people through our many fellowships, classes and groups.

You and your relationship with God are important to us. Know that here at Grace Baptist Church, you are welcome!

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