English church, Taipei

Christmas Parade


Watch all six slides below for the hightlighted journey of the parade.

Slide 1 - Departing GBC
Waiting for the approaching parades so GBC could join along them.
Slide 2 - Joining the parades
GBC was the last station of people who joined the parades of our neighboring churches.
Slide 3 - Walking in the rain
Though it was raining and cold, GBC's parade members were full of heart-felt energy.
Slide 4 - Going along side the street
Many shops along side of the street enjoyed the parade and accepted our gifts.
Slide 5 - Arriving Se-Yuan Park
The song performance was going on when our parades entering the park.
Slide 6 - Raining snow-like foam
The ourpouring artificial snow had added fun to be Christmas-felt season.

Pastor Nick said the prayer and a group picture was taken in front of GBC to finish up the parade.

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