English church, Taipei

Chuh-Sien Lin (by appointment)

Lin Chu-Hsien, a Cantonese born in Taiwan.

Impacted by her mother, Lin first came to Grace when she was 9. She served in the Children’s Choir, Youth Choir, and now still serving with the Heman Adult Choir. She also received abundant life equipment and training in Youth and College BTUs. In her first year of Senior High, she started to join the mission trips to Green Island and preach the gospel for the Lord.

After her graduation from the Department of Music, she served as a Worship Minister in Grace for 6 years. She went to the States for further education and returned with a Master of Choral Conductor in N.J. Rutgers University. She devoted herself in teaching after returning Taiwan and teaches in Taipei National University of the Arts and Soochow University. Praise the Lord for His guidance and protection that Lin returned to the service team of Grace. She considered this opportunity to serve her “home” the most beautiful things in her life. May she walk in the light of the Lord and will not depart from it all her life.

Ministry: Organ ministry, Heman Choir Conductor, Youth Choir Conductor   Email: chuhsienlins@yahoo.com.tw   Ext: 127

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