English church, Taipei


When I was an undergraduate student, I attended GBC a couple of times. Now returning back to GBC fifteen years later, it seems totally different to me. fifteen years ago, I was not a Christian yet; the church seemed to be foreign to me, and I felt detached. But now, I am a Christian, the church is like my second home, I can get love and care and support here. This is my personal “historical review” of my feeling toward GBC.—Yichun Liu

To me Grace Baptist Church is the lifeline from Taiwan to the Tennessee Bible Belt community of order and civility – and that lifeline is constantly under attack by the enemy. In other words, the church is my anchor in a storm of confused and subjective morality which is so prevalent in Taiwan.—Glen Andrew Porter

God places members in the body as He pleases and uses each one to build up the body. He graciously placed women into this body who have encouraged, blessed, and supported me in countless ways, practical, and spiritual ways.—Becky Eppinger

One of the biggest blessings I have had in Grace Baptist Church has been the opportunity to share the Gospel of God with children. For they sometimes know more about God and the Bible than I do, and that makes me want to study the word of God even more.—Anonymous

Grace Baptist Church has given me a family of believers. I was baptized in GBC and have grown spiritually. The Sunday services helped me tremendously while I completed my undergraduate studies by giving me spiritual manna to cope with the rigors and spiritual warfare that goes on in Taipei for the most part I’ve been here —Anonymous

God has blessed me to understand what it is to be part of a church where people, All people, have a deep conviction of faith in Jesus Christ and understand their need and dependence on Him. (Not just a coming and going to church place without actually understanding what’s going on). Also that this is a “haven” and safe place to come for people who have just arrived in Taiwan and feel lonely & lost—Anonymous

I’ve learned through faulty days that I am here for God and not for myself. I am here for my God’s pleasure and NOT for my own! That is important for me to learn. I’ve also learned through last week’s sermon that I have to stop worrying if God is using me spreading His Word, I can serve in other ways.—Malinda Thompson

He’s a blessing for me every Sunday I’m here.; Being allowed to participate in the Mission Trip to Ching Hai was an amazing life-changing experience. (2007); From the 1st time I was asked to help serve the Lord’s Supper (2002 – Easter, I think) I’ve found a freedom in service in a church that doesn’t limit me because I’m a woman.–Kathy Gross

I reach retirement age this year, on January 1, 2008. I began to pray asking the Lord to let me extend one more year of service at my college. God answered my prayer on January 8, 2008. The university I serve passed a resolution on Jan. 8, allowing teachers to extend one more year of service at age 65. Thank you, Lord.—Anonymous

I used to worry this and that before becoming a Christian. But a feeling of peace and contentment has been with me ever since I was baptized at GBC seven years ago by surrendering my life to God. Now I feel the absolute relief letting God handle my burdens.—Anonymous

Being a Bible Study teacher brought a lot of blessings in my life. Before I thought I am never good enough to teach or handle a Bible class, but I started in a small group when circumstances allow me to and it just continued. Blessings just poured out. Knowledge, wisdom and boldness just overflow when I teach which I know only god can do through me. That was years ago and when until now I am still not good but God did a lot of molding, guidance and leadings in my life even until now. Praise to Him alone!–Janet Gudoy

I thank God for giving me back my life. Cause I had a motorcycle accident died according to the doctor when I arrived of the hospital but after one day in a coma, God brought me back to life. I would like to talk about it and let others know about the love of God. –Eric

Although I am a new member of GBC, I already have all the blessings from God I can think of. Thanks to the history of this well-established church. I can be well-led into the wonderful world of Christianity with the help of all people around here. This is truly a wonderful family. –Ti-an Hsueh

I’m blessed that God has been so supportive & that He has taught me so many things. When I’m weak, He lifts me up and let me know what to do next. Although I’m not perfect, He loves me anyways. And I’m so grateful. He is my strength.–Kirsten

I have been blessed by seeing people with strong differences work together and love each other. In Evergreen Fellowship, I have been encouraged to be myself and use my gifts for God to encourage others. I met my wife at this church.–Jonathan Klassen

In 2007, I got lots of blessings through serving in choir, Evergreen and Sunday School. I experienced God’s love through my family in Christ. With God and family’s support, I could serve Him and enjoy Him. In 2006, I knew more about God through “40 days” activity.–Jennifer Chen

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